Boutique Heritage Hotel in Bundi

NawalSagarPalace was part of the erstwhile Maharaja’s palace and sits on the foot hills of the beautiful Bundi Palace overlooking the famous Nawal Sagar Lake in old town Bundi. Abode to the last Maharaja of Bundi, it was a sanctuary for his evenings with direct access to the overlooking lake. Estimated to be ~300 years old by 1990s it had slowly been relegated to ruins with no activity till early 2000s when we started to restore it. The current standing NawalSagarPalace Hotel opened to public in 2007 with just 3 rooms. Today our boutique heritage hotel has an inventory of 15 beautifully adorned rooms in typical Rajput architecture with all modern facilities. Located in the historical town of Bundi (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bundi).  It is the only heritage property overlooking the Nawal Sagar lake with a full view of the Bundi palace, which looks majestic in the day and even more sublime in the night with the lights enhancing its splendid presence.